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E3 - Submissions – New functionalities

News | 20/06/2017

The new E3 includes a powerful submissions module which includes several tools that allow you to manage your proposals easier, faster and smarter. You will sell more books in less time!

With the new module, you will be able to:

1) Create personalised e-mails to editors automatically with only three clicks. You will be able to send a letter to any number of editors in less than 1 minute!!

2) Send materials to interested editors.

3) Update the status of several submissions in only 1 step.

4) Create new submission records based on your previous ones.

As an example, let's see how we can send a pitch or submit a title to several editors

Note: This document assumes that you set up your e-mail account in E3 previously. If you didn’t, access to our videotutorial or contact us for more information.

1) Access to the file of the title we want to submit. Click on “Material” tab and and fill in the box with the info that you want to include in the e-mail (e.g. in a pitch you can include reviews, previous sales, ...). Type a name and press save to add it.

You can use the following text as example:




This is an awesome title!

ALL AROUND THE WORLD is a successful thriller written in 2016 by one of the most important authors of 90’s.

In less than one year, the title has been sold in 20 countries and 25 languages and has been a Top 10 Sales since the beginning

Some reviews about “ALL AROUND THE WORLD”

The #1 New York Times Bestseller, USA Today Book of the Year. Don't miss this book!

The debut psychological thriller that will forever change the way you look at other people's lives.

2.1) Access to the submissions module. Under listing, select the entries related with the title that we want to create e-mails

2.2) Click on "Ind. Email" or "Email" buttons to create one separated e-mail for each editor (Ind. Email) or only one e-mail to all selected editors in BCC (Email)

3.1) Select the introductory text template (Pitch in the example). You can click on “Edit” to add the template.

You can use, as example the following content, which includes some keywords.


Awesome title! <<Title>> by <<Author>>


Dear <<EditorName>>,

I hope this message finds you well!

Below you can find information of the title <<Title>> by <<Author>>

If you are interested on this title, please, let me know and I will send you more information.

3.2) Select the title’s info template

3.3) Click on de + button to attach the documents from your library

3.4) Click on continue to create the e-mails

4. Finally, access to your E3 draft folder to edit and send the e-mails to the editors!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Thank you for using E3!


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