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Why Data Also Matters To Literary Agents

News | 13/04/2017

Datais indeed the buzz word ofthe industry, the industrythis year. It seems that the future of publishing puts up with data. The most clear example are publishers, who are becomingdataanalysistsand monitor and control all the data around them: metadata, books and eBooks pricing, sales, trends, social media... and we could go on and on.

My question though is where doliteraryagenciesstand here. What is their position, or their interest, in all these data we are producing as an industry, as well as how they will deal, monitor and do with all that data. For instance, will agents have access to all the data publishers are gathering and analysing? If so, how will they use it?

One of the first questions we need to ask is if most literary agencies do really know their data. If they do, they should be able to answer basic questions such as:Which publisher acquires most of their titles? What is the average advance for one specific author? In which foreign country do they succeed the most? For each author, which are the most best-selling books here and abroad? What are those books about?I am sure many agencies know this information by heart or based on their daily work, but do they record this data and monitor it?


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